Sunday, April 3, 2016

Necessary Separates: McCall's 3830 & New Look 6150

A white shell and a black straight skirt:  could anything be more basic or more needed in one's wardrobe?  Just think of the outfits that can be created from these two building blocks.

Mehetabel spied a divine white double knit at Mill End in Portland and snapped up a couple yards. She asked if I'd make her some white shells; hers had started to get a little worse for wear and tear. She loves her New Look 6150 tops and asked if I could make them sleeveless as they work better under cardigans.  I can't remember how many New Look 6150s I've made by now.  12?  15?  Well, whatever the number, more are being added.  I blogged about one of her other 6150s here.

I made a wearable test version out of some leftover ivory double knit that I had used to make this dress. The fit was great.  Mehetabel's only request was that I add 1/2 inch to an inch to the length. No problem!

The first shell using this white double knit has bands at the neck and arms, and it was hemmed on the coverstitch. For this version, I wanted a cleaner look, so I lined it with a beige knit from Joann. Lining this 6150 makes it different from all the others I've made.  The hem was hand-stitched.  I think there's enough fabric left to make one more shell.  Coming up!

This is an easy and straight-forward pattern that creates a classic garment. I love the look and feel of the lined top. It gives the finished shell more heft, it hangs nicely, and I love the polished look. Mehetabel told me it will get lots of wear.

The skirt is McCall's 3830 sewn in a stretch RPL suiting.  I cannot remember where I purchased it, but it was  probably online from Fabric Mart.   I added a waistband to the skirt as well as additional darts in the front and back.  I used an invisible zipper and the hem was hand-sewn.  This is another classic, no-nonsense pattern.

Mehetabel has several black skirts, but not one this length.  It, too, will see plenty of wear.

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